Within the advanced settings for group questions in the forms designer, you can now specify the "primary question" for the group.

If this primary question is a location question, then the UI of the mobile app will adapt, and for the group show the entries as pins on a map, with the location of the pin being  the answer for the location question in that entry.

It'll look something like this:

There's a fair bit happening here, you can see the eight repeat group entries as pins around the park. The tab at the bottom (which you can hide) shows a summary of the entry (which you can customize), your current distance from the pin, the raw details of the location, as well as allowing you to open the entry or launch the native maps app to provide you directions to it.

You can swipe left and right across the tab to move between entries, tap on any pin to load that entry, as well as add new entries with the "Add" at the top right.

Below you can see in the forms designer where the primary question for the group is set. For now it'll only offer you location questions and customize the mobile UI with a map, but there'll be other primary question types supported soon. (Watch this space.)

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