The "All" tab includes a list of all of the forms you have access to on your device.  This includes all forms which you have available to start from scratch, all Dispatched forms, all saved forms (Drafts), and all forms you have submitted (Uploads) from your device.

New Form:

Forms which you can start from scratch appear at the top of the forms list.  The do not have any specific icon identifier since they are new forms.


Forms which have been Dispatched to your device appear next after new forms.  They are identified with a blue alarm clock icon.


Forms which have been started and saved, but not completed yet appear in the Drafts tab.  These forms are identified with a gray pencil icon.  They also include a blue progress bar on the left to indicate how much of the form has been completed so far.


Forms which have been submitted from the device are indicated with either a green check mark (indicating successful submission):

Or a yellow cloud (indicating that they are still submitting from the device):

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